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About Abacus

Abacus is a full-service agency specializing in pre-growth stage companies. They are currently the #1 Facebook Ad Agency and top-rated Google, Tiktok, Pinterest, and video partner – working with forward-thinking brands seeking faster results and highly efficient working models.

The Problem

Before getting started with LeadSift almost two years ago, Abacus’s sales and marketing processes were traditional and manual. Sales and marketing functions were kept totally separate from each other. They were spending 20+ hours a week manually researching, gathering, and sanitizing data, and then looking for contact details before they could begin their outreach efforts. 

Without a better process in place, time and energy was wasted just searching for the right people. Additionally, with sales and marketing operating separately, there wasn’t any continuity of data throughout the funnel.

Their growth was predictable, but they were struggling to accelerate business with their existing resources.

The Solution

Abacus needed a better way to source prospects that fit their target buyer personas and tied sales and marketing together. Saving time, and speed to lead, were top priority for being able to scale and generate qualified pipeline.

Right away, LeadSift cut their manual research and prospecting time in half.

They use LeadSift to increase qualified pipeline opportunities and shorten their sales cycle from 42 to 17 days. At full scale, they now have LeadSift operating seamlessly across sales and marketing with continuity.


“Contact data speeds up qualified list building, intent data narrows our focus, and lead scoring means that our sales reps are focused on businesses that are the best fit.”

— Lance Muranaga, VP Revenue, Abacus Agency

Right now Abacus has LeadSift intent streams built to fit their process perfectly. Leads are pushed into their CRM and are prioritized based on seniority with more senior prospects being sent directly to their SDR team for one-to-one outreach. This allows the team to prioritize and personalize based on intent, and know for certain that they are focusing their efforts on prospects who want to hear from them. LeadSift lets Abacus know when leadership changes have been made, or a person has a new title, so they can move them up the list.

Leads below director-level are sent to marketing to be nurtured until they show signs they are ready to be engaged with on a one-to-one basis. Abacus takes advantage of custom audiences so they can best use their ads budget with intent-based custom audiences. The leads are leveraged this way until they qualify themselves to be reached by the sales team.

The Results

Abacus has increased their monthly lead flow by 35-40% depending on the account value, and they’ve increased revenue by 30% year-over-year with lower overhead. 

“LeadSift’s technology is faster and more accurate than the direct competitors in intent data platforms and really shines in value as they keep innovating the product without affecting the top-level customer support that sales and marketing teams need to make the best use of the technology.”


Abacus now has sales and marketing departments that flow together and complement each other. The time spent to receive qualified leads and connect with them has been cut in half, freeing more resources to focus on high quality messaging and personalization. Now more than ever they can offer their clients top-notch solutions and are able to hit the ground running.

About LeadSift

Preferred by the most innovative and data-driven businesses, LeadSift is the most actionable provider of intent combining comprehensive data with meaningful insights. We sift through unstructured public data so companies can easily identify, understand and engage in-market audiences with creatively relevant, personalized outreach. As a result, companies can move their pipeline faster than ever before.