Prospecting is tough. You have to stand out, deliver the right message, do it at the right time, beat competing reps, fight rejection, do it with personalization, manage to send out enough outreach while still personalizing and a bunch more.

Then you have to throw humor into the mix. Build a personal brand, take calls, make calls and post on social too. It’s a lot of work you have to nail.

One thing that is all the rage now is video, yet another prospecting method reps are using now. Rather than write down 8 prospecting strategies our clients and partners are using that work now, we thought best to share some videos we have found particularly useful.

#1 – Humor

Showing you are human is key, spurting out the same old robotic stats and reasons you are reaching out before asking for a demo is not the way to go. What’s one thing that robots don’t have? Humour.

Jeremy at Lead IQ nails his videos, like the whole team at Lead IQ. They use video and humor together in their marketing and prospecting, but this video shows exactly how Jeremy used humour to generate an appointment with a prospect by getting his attention in a personalized way.

#2 – Sales Process

Your prospecting efforts are done to generate pipeline, people that will work through your sales process and become customers. But if your sales process is broken, or not what customers want it to be, your results will be worse than they should be. How do you work out where the leaks are? This Sales Hacker webinar will help you understand…

#3 – Personalization

Of course, personalizing your message is key. If it’s not personalized, it has a way smaller chance of resonating with the buyer. If they don’t resonate, they don’t reply or have any reason to care about your outreach. Touching things in common you both have, touching pain points or challenges you can identify from a range of tools are simple ways to personalize. This video will teach you some ways to find your context to personalize prospecting outreach for each prospect.

#4 – Modern techniques

This video is longer than most of the others, but it’s worth listening to while you’re doing something and can take notes. It’s a webinar with 2 great sales leaders hosted by Nimble, where they discuss modern sales techniques that expose the old ones we should not be using anymore…

Speaking of modern techniques, get 100 free leads showing intent to buy from you now.

#5 – Click Through Rate

Email is a massive part of prospecting, but if nobody opens your email they’re not going to see the content and speak to you. So, we turn to Marketing genius Neil Patel to teach us some Click Through Rate hacks that will get more prospects looking at your emails…

#6 – Data

Roy Raanani of Chorus.ai talks to Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast about how to use data to improve everything you do in sales. It’s call recording for improving your sales calls, it’s recording your calls so you can use data to understand where you go wrong. This is why data is everything.

#7 – Cold Calling

This one is short and sweet from InsideSales.com. Cold calling is a key part of many sales pro’s day, so get it right. There are a lot of guides and resources out there to help you improve your cold calling skills but this video is one of the best we have found.

#8 – Engagement

One from the SDR Chronicles hosted by Morgan J Ingram about how to make your emails and outreach engaging. It’s easy to get your outreach brushed off by the prospect, who doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear or see your pitch. This is a great video on how to make your outreach engaging.

What have we missed? Send us any videos you have watched that are really informative for sales people. Make sure to get your 100 free leads too…