Prospecting success is hard to come by. We want to ensure you book more meetings and achieve your goals, but nobody ever succeeded by doing the same thing over and over. Use these 7 sales prospecting tips to differentiate and stand out with killer messaging and attention grabbing prospecting. You do the rest…

The problem is, there is no singular way to be a better sales person or get more meetings. You need more than just one idea, or one technique. It’s not just follow up more, or just use video.

Here’s the 7 sales prospecting tips that are top of mind for us right now…

#1 Master the follow up

This is one of the most obvious and over-mentioned sales prospecting tips, but it’s there for a reason. Even if you think you’re following up, there is always another way to follow up even more than you currently do.

Below is a great clip from John Barrows’ podcast, with the guest Amir Reiter talking about how great salespeople followup with further information rather than perusing their own goal, and nothing else.

This is a great reminder that outreach is not about the meeting itself, it’s about the assistance to the prospect so that sometime, they can buy from you. Not now, not next week, but they can when the time is right.

All your follow up needs to do is help them more over time.

But generally, follow up is about when they don’t respond. One thing we have found useful is logging Tasks in the CRM to followup with a date attached and some notes on what your planned follow up is.

It’s much easier to get to your desk and see a bunch of to-dos in your CRM all for follow up than try and scan it and remember who you need to email.

In your notes attached to this task, try and mix up which channel you plan to follow up on. If your last 2 touches were via email, call them next time. Make a note of that so you can mix things up.

#2 Leverage Trigger Events

This does not just apply to outbound prospecting. Inbound leads have “trigger events”, they downloaded something or entered your list and became a lead after doing “something”. Leverage that trigger event in your outreach, even if it seems obvious.

Remember that you as the salesperson know who the prospect is, but the lead doesn’t know you. You need to remind them where you come from and why you’re emailing them. It’s likely they have signed up for more than one eBook in the last year, so may not remember yours specifically.

For outbound, trigger events are vital. If you’re reaching out at random, you have a tiny chance of success. Salespeople who reach out when their target account wins funding, the decision maker moves into a new company, if the company is growing or wins an award – do better. There is a reason for the outreach, not just that you think a solution or service can help the prospect.

Leveraging that context is huge. If you want instant context for your outreach to target accounts delivered to your inbox for free, use our new FREE tool. It’s called Buzz and we’re really excited about it…

#3 Keep it short and sweet

Novels should be written by authors, not salespeople. If you’re emailing people, you have to work around their short attention span. Hook them early in your copy with a reason to read on. Take Ryan O’Hara’s word for it…

We learn a ton from Lead IQ about prospecting, but this is a huge tip. If you cannot articulate why a prospect needs to meet with you within 1 phone screen of text, they probably shouldn’t meet with you.

One easy way to get better at trimming down your emails is to remove all of the filler words. Any non-essential words in your whole email should go.

Another place we are learning tons about copy which is helpful for this is the Marketing Swipe File podcast, where Drift’s Dave Gerhardt talks about copy regularly.

#4 Use video

This is an important one. Video is no longer a novelty in prospecting anymore, so you need to be creative. It’s no longer about turning your camera on and saying exactly what you would in your email copy.

It’s not about using a whiteboard with their name written on it anymore.

Use video to express yourself. We’ve had videos sent to us before from a rep who made a parody rap from a popular hip hop song, where they mentioned multiple prospects of a similar caliber and industry in the song. It was hilarious, attention grabbing and different. The lyrics were made out to explain why they needed to meet with us, which made it less of a random outreach with a pitch at the bottom.

The key thing with video is to be different, be different by being yourself (just in video format).

#5 Use voicemail creatively

Voicemails are not fun. We don’t listen to them, but they are worth leaving. If marketers are customizing their error 404 pages on their websites to share content with prospects, voicemails should be used creatively by salespeople.

1 thing to avoid: asking for a call back or not explaining when you will reach out again.

Our advice is that every voicemail should reference an interesting reason you reached out and an interesting thing you wanted to say. If you’r prospecting strategy means you have emailed the prospect and are calling to follow up, reference the email to get them to open it.

If you had a crazy gif in the email, mention that in the voicemail.

The creative part of your voicemail is going to be what makes them care about it. Every single voicemail is someone asking for a call back, some kind of errand or action item a person probably doesn’t want to do.

So flip the switch on it, give them something that will stick in their mind and something they’ll want.

#6 Gifting done differently

Alex Field had some thoughts on this recently. We know that gifting is one way to break through the noise in prospecting these days, but just sending something totally unrelated to the prospecting to their office will waste money.

If you’re going to send a gift to a prospect, make it hyper-personalized to the person. Not even the company, because if the prospect gets sent a gift that they would appreciate it’s likely to go home with them.

We’ve heard of teams buying a prospect’s team pizza for lunch which is good, but our thinking is that these types of gifts can easily become a novelty that prospects become accustomed to.

If you want to truly impact the prospect and grab their attention, for reasons other than that they’re hungry, go down the personal route. This requires research which should justify your investment into sending the gift much more than hoping they like pizza.

#7 Social proof done correctly

One thing we see often is a rep mentioning very, very big clients their company works with. The same old “Microsoft, Oracle, HP and Google work with us” is so boring, almost so boring that we don’t believe the email.

But we do understand why reps mention these companies in their outreach. There’s one reason that we don’t care about the huge companies reps mention when they email us: we are not like Google or Oracle.

You have to make the companies or competitors you mention in your outreach resonate with the prospect. Mention the companies in the prospect’s industry so that they can see your work has been successful in their situation. Working with LeadSift will be very different to working with Google.

Here’s one way we do this…


What do you do to stand out when prospecting? Let us know in a comment, and don’t forget to try LeadSift Buzz to get free context to leverage in your outreach to target accounts!