Any successful marketer needs to be forward thinking if they want to stay ahead of the game, and out ahead of their prospective customers. The old Wall St. adage, “the trend is your friend” applies to marketing as well—whether it’s being aware of consumer, business, purchasing, or personal trends—and the trends happening within their own industry.

As far as data is concerned, there are seven trends that marketers need to know about in order to stay out ahead of the game and in tune with their target customers and demographics.

As far as data is concerned, there are seven trends that marketers need to know about in order to stay out ahead of the game and in tune with their target customers and demographics.

Understanding these data trends is important for any business interested in sustained growth. Awareness of changes in your target market, especially in the area of data analysis, will help you become better prepared to make the necessary adjustments that fuel growth.


The Trend Is Your Friend


Real-Time data

In order to stay up to date with the needs of their target market, business owners need real-time data insights to make marketing adjustments and take advantage of customer trends.

The sooner a company can make adapt to ongoing changes in their customer acquisition strategies, the more successful they will be at selling into their target market.

The old model was taking old, stale data and trying to make sense of it.

With real-time data, marketers can make adjustments on the fly and best meet the needs of their clients as they materialize.

Real-time data allows your business to make better predictions and drive more relevant outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence

The combination of artificial intelligence and data analysis will continue to be one of the hottest data trends well into 2019 and beyond. Companies are integrating AI technology into every type of data analysis platform.

AI-enabled analytics will become a marketer’s best friend, due to the many ways the data can be analyzed and applied to different and competing metrics.

AI that can take data and provide a constant feedback loop to responsive marketers can ensure the timely dissemination of marketing information to the right people—at the right stage of their buyer’s journey.

Data visualization

Data analytics visualization is a hot trend. Business owners who have been confused by endless spreadsheet files filled with data appreciate what visual analytics brings to the table.

Data can be ingested, analyzed, and translated into a visual representation to make data interpretation easier and more accessible to key players in an organization.

This will provide companies the ability to easily understand minute details in their data better due to a visual representation of that data.


As we approach 2019, there will be an increase in blockchain analytics—not only in availability– but also in the many different types of analysis tools offered.

Blockchain allows for transparency and visibility, and this will allow brands to cement trust with their customers and consumers, because they will be able to share their key statistics and numbers with customers with enhanced speed and security.

Not only will distributed ledger technology lead to increased transparency, but an increase in data security.

Leverage Dark Data

We know about Big Data. What’s dark data?

Think about all of the databases in companies all over the world that have data un-digitized and in analog form.

That is unused data stored away in a dark corner somewhere—thus “dark” data and it’s wealth of information once analytics are applied.

The digitization of this “dark data” from old records, hard copy paper files, and many other forms of non-digital data will lead to new data discovery points to analyze, leverage and take action on.

Breakdown of the structured/unstructured boundary

A recent survey by Forbes reports that the number of companies with more than 100 terabytes of unstructured data (information that either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner) has doubled since 2016 – but that only 32 percent of those companies have been able to successfully analyze that data where it can be applied in an actionable way.

Unstructured data can make the difference between acquired and retained clients.

A good use case is Etsy, which uses AI on their unstructured data to analyze feedback from customer reviews in both the consumer and vendor marketplaces.

They use these insights to make data-driven decisions that increase customer acquisition and retention.

Behavioral Intent Data

You don’t think we’d make a list of data trends without bringing up behavioral intent data – the must-have source of data for every marketer.

Behavioral intent data is the future and next level of data. Marketers can now craft messaging that is most appropriate for the sales funnel stage a prospect is in and can leverage that data when purchasing intent is highest.

Given this specific relevancy in your proactive contact, based on discussions and actions observed in real-time, marketing can engage with the buyer when they are most likely to purchase.

LeadSift’s Behavioral Intent Data helps you to understand what’s going on in your market by seeing what actions your leads and customers take outside of your own digital properties.

Whether they interact with a competitor’s piece of content, engage in social media conversations about your industry, or followed a competitor on a social media channel — intent data keeps you in-the-know and enables you to take action.

When you are given actionable insights that connect you with a buyer at the most opportune time, that’s a sales tool that will set the trend for years to come.


Make the Trend Your Friend


If the trend is truly your friend, and we believe it is, marketers would be well served to not only educate themselves on these trends, but also take them, make them their own, and find ways to continually optimize what will work for you by using the data to determine what’s best and the best timing for your prospects.

If you’d like to experience the behavioral intent data trend first hand, contact LeadSift today for a free demo, and let us get you out ahead of the curve.