It definitely would not be a contest if there wasn’t a loser and a winner. Still it isn’t easy to witness your favourite contestant’s last performance – sorry to see you go Joey Clark! Based on our social love analysis we did determine that Joey was likely to be in the bottom two. Last week Joey, along with Quentin, had received considerably less social love than the other 5 contestants. Perhaps social does have an influence on the results…

So can we do it again this week? From the 12,311 tweets of 7,942 users, Nick has surfaced as the clear winner again – a lot of social love continues to go his way. Will he come out on top tomorrow night?


Rayvon is holding a steady second and is mentioned by more teenagers and females than Nick. Way to bring it Rayvon! Will the amount of social love match his performance on arena anthems night? Here is how the social love stacks up for all remaining contestants with mentions from those tweeting @american idol, #IdolPredictions or the contestants name:



Does Nick reign? Does Clark go home? Find out how close social love can be at determining which 5 remain – same channel, same blog next week.

If one of the contestants belts out For Those About to Rock, I know where I’ll be sending my social love! What about you?