Since we publicly announced our intention of documenting our journey to 500 product demos, I have received dozens of notes from other Entrepreneurs/Marketers/Friends cheering us on – we really appreciate the encouragement!

We started working on a few exciting marketing tactics / ideas.

Product Demo Goal: 13 / 500 (2.60% complete towards goal)

Week 1:

  • Non-Technical Sprint Planning: Being from an engineering background, I always wanted to implement some kind of a formal structure to our Sales and Marketing activities.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to implement an Agile process for planning and tracking our Sales and Marketing tasks. We also went ahead and included our Customer Success projects.

Now one of the challenges for both Sales and Customer Success is the number of recurring activities (sales follow ups, demos, customer check-ins etc.) that we have to do on a regular basis which are difficult to estimate/predict.

So to keep things simple we agreed on allocating a maximum of 33% of our total time for the sprint tasks. A few key highlights to share:

    • Use Trello for tracking our sprint
    • Four Trello lists: Backlog, Current Sprint, Doing, Done
    • Week long sprints


  • Paid Media : We have started running our first advertising campaigns on both the Facebook Ad Network and Google Search.

The current focus for our Facebook Ad campaign has been primarily Brand Awareness and driving traffic to our Blogs and our upcoming Webinar.  (P.S. Some of you might have already seen some ads on FB/Instagram.)

Moving forward – we will be running a lot more ad campaigns on Facebook, with the goal of driving to a conversion.

On Google, it’s very much a direct response campaign – driving people searching on Google to our Website for a conversion (request sample data / booking a meeting).

We actually had the first lead come in and an opportunity has been created. The best part was a CPA of $25! Let’s see if we can keep this going at the current CPA.


Jack and I will be talking about what is Behavioral Intent Data and why that should be a key component in every Marketer’s tech stack.

We already have over 120 signups for the Webinar and it’s growing daily! Pretty good for hosting our first webinar ever!

We have been getting most of the signups via organic social media, paid ads on Facebook, and marketing email nurture campaigns.


  • Lesson Learned: Now I promised we’d share our wins and all our f&*kups too. Well, we already have our first one!

To date – we have done all our email nurture via Outreach.io, where the target audience is carefully selected/segment and the emails are almost handcrafted.

However, for the upcoming webinar promotion – we decided to use HubSpot Marketing Automation (as everyone else does) and used the subscribed and contact list from our HubSpot.

Now this is where things get interesting.

We had no idea that HubSpot added every single contact/email address from my work mail account to contacts.

So it turns out  – along with my Mom, all my friends, my barber, the last person that catered our company dinner, I also ended up asking “[email protected]/Airbnb/Salesforce/…” to attend our upcoming webinar 🙁

Not to mention every professional contact I have had in the last 5 years, a lot of whom don’t work at the same place anymore – hence the dreaded email bounce!

Good thing we did not get any spam mail reports yet… So the big lesson learned, before sending any kind of mail nurture, clean/verify your email lists and also segment them.

TLDR; Implemented Sprint planning for Sales and Marketing tasks, started running Paid Media on Facebook and Google, organizing first webinar and ended up sending email to a whole lot of irrelevant people.

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