Most inboxes are jammed full of marketing newsletters. The vast majority of them remain unopened, either until the recipient has enough time to read them or enough time to unsubscribe. The latest figures from Mailchimp show an average open rate of just 21.33%. Remember, that’s for recipients who have given permission and opted in before receiving any emails. 

In other words, even though people sign up for newsletters, they’re still not opening them. Many companies realize that email marketing can be extremely powerful, but then go and send out newsletters that look the same as everyone else’s and offer no value. 

Fortunately, there are still newsletters that stand out for the right reasons, emails that people can’t wait to read.

These people are true pioneers in the newsletter space, they are changing it up, and it works. 

GETLATKA (Nathan Latka)

Nathan Latka is best known for his daily podcast interviews with CEOs and founders where he digs into the data behind their SasS businesses. 

Why it’s on the list

The Latka newsletter serves a very specific audience and serves them well. If you’re interested in the inner workings of B2B SaaS companies, the newsletter is a goldmine, without trying to appeal to different audiences. 

Each email has plenty to offer in terms of value, with advice on different growth channels, strategies, and business models. You’ll also get the latest news in the SaaS space, with interviews and events. There’s also a regular Deal or Bust show, where SaaS founders try to sell shares in their company to investors, live on YouTube. 

Throughout it all, solid data is always at the core of the email. Rather than sharing opinions and vague advice, this newsletter is full of the latest facts and figures, making it a valuable resource. 

Key takeaway

You don’t have to please everyone with your newsletter. Know what your specific audience is interested in, then provide them with outstanding and tangible value. 

Morning Brew

With more than 2 million subscribers, the Morning Brew is a daily newsletter for young professionals.

Why it’s on the list

The Morning Brew show’s it’s possible to create a newsletter that covers a wide variety of topics without sacrificing quality. 

Each email collates the day’s headlines, keeping it concise and easy to scan. The newsletter is well-written with an easy-going sense of humor, sounding more like a relaxed chat with a friend than a formal news briefing. As a result, you might find yourself reading about subjects you never realized you were interested in..

Key takeaway

The Morning Brew was created for millennials as an alternative to the dry long-form news providers. By knowing your audience and finding your unique angle, you can still stand out from other newsletters in your space.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt curates the latest and greatest products in tech, whether they’re apps, websites, or hardware.

Why it’s on the list

Product Hunt’s strength is successfully building a strong community around creators and their products. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream, with users enthusiastically providing feedback and voting on the products that actually serve a need. 

After the headline story, you get to see the latest ‘Top Hunts.’ At a glance, you can see what the product is, a one-line description, and how many upvotes it has. The whole newsletter is simple, highlighting the best products without overwhelming you with information. For any products that capture your interest, you can simply click through and join in the conversation.

Key takeaway

Your audience is a great resource, and Product Hunt has produced a newsletter that is primarily curated by their community. If you have a strong customer base, use them to create a newsletter that they’ll actually want to read. 

Seth Godin

Seth Godin newsletter

Seth Godin is a marketing thought-leader who shares his thoughts and insights in a daily blog. 

Why it’s on the list

The above email is just 40 words, from start to finish. That’s far from unusual for the newsletter; the average email is no more than a couple of hundred words. Yet, in that brief space, Seth Godin can make you think about something you take for granted in a whole new light. 

Each message is unmistakably Seth Godin, without the generic advice repeated by other marketers. This makes the emails not only original but also extremely difficult for anyone else to copy, resulting in a truly unique newsletter with content you won’t find anywhere else. 

Key takeaway

Newsletters don’t have to be long to be effective. By choosing each word carefully, you can convey complex ideas and provide unique value in a short, easy to read, email.


Hubspot is a software platform for marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Why it’s on the list

The team at Hubspot works hard to make their content comprehensive, going into every last detail for any subject related to sales/marketing. You’ll find a wide selection of ultimate guides and templates, all designed to help readers succeed.

This attention to detail comes across in their emails, with each one packed full of value. Even their product updates always add significant value, proving that they take customer feedback seriously. 

On top of their various how-to guides, they also regularly share ‘state of the industry’ reports, with the data-driven insights you need to make smart decisions.

Key takeaway

If you’re talking about a familiar subject, you can provide value by going into greater depth than the competition. HubSpot’s newsletters and content ensure that their readers have all the information they could possibly need on any given subject.


It’s true that a lot of newsletters are boring and never get opened. However, these examples prove that doesn’t have to be the case with your newsletter. 

By providing genuine value (and not just another sales pitch), by knowing your readers, and by writing emails that are unique and interesting to those readers, you can send an email newsletter that benefits you and your customers. 

To craft your own killer emails, learn how to activate intent data to reach the right people with the topics they care about.