So you’ve got some great blog posts under your belt, and they’re working pretty well to bring in new leads. You’re also sending out email newsletters regularly, and you’ve got a killer case study in the works. In other words, you’re running a successful content marketing campaign.

However, there is always more you could be doing to improve conversion rates and the reach of your brand’s message. Here are five types of content that many businesses overlook, but that can be wildly effective for increasing lead generation.

1. Webinars

Live webinars are a great way to score hot new leads. People who sign up for your webinar are likely in the later stages of the buyer’s journey, and if you can show them (via a demo, presentation or Q&A session) how your product can solve their problems, you’ll see a huge uptick in lead gen.

Tip: Limit the number of participants in each webinar, so that you can spend some time talking one-on-one near the end of the session. This personalized attention will showcase your great customer support, and allow interested prospects to ask pertinent questions about your product.

2. Microsites

A microsite is an independent website with a different URL than your main branded site, and can showcase a single product, use case, or blog content. Some microsites are created to support a campaign (a small tool that you built, or a contest you are running), while others publish content more regularly. In either situation, the goal is to bring people into your sales pipeline using multimedia, interactive content, and usually a different marketing strategy than your main website.

Tip: Include a call to action, large and obvious, in several places on your microsite. You want visitors to convert, so be sure to ask them for their email address, or to connect with you on social media.

3. Slideshares/Presentations

Showcase your expertise by uploading a presentation to Slideshare, and distributing it via other channels like social media, email and on your website. Great presentations can position your brand as a leader in your space, and can convince uncertain buyers that you know your stuff – and you’re the company they should work with.

Tip: You can repurpose webinar content into a Slideshare, by simply uploading the slides without the audio or video component. Or, reuse content that you shared internally, or at a conference. Not every piece of content has to be 100% original. It just has to be useful to your audience.

4. Videos

Businesses with a digital presence (i.e. most businesses) say they understand the importance of video, but they often fail to act on this knowledge by actually creating any video content. Reading an article might be too tedious for your audience, so why not create a video instead? You’ll stand out from the crowd, and grab their full attention.

Tip: Use a service to measure how long people watch your video, and at which point they leave. This can help you fine-tune the messaging to be more effective.

5. Infographics

A fantastic way to present complicated information or statistics is via an infographic. These visually pleasing graphics are often highly shared on social media, so you can reach a wide audience if you put one together.

Tip: Don’t skimp on either the “info” or the “graphic” part of an infographic. You want to share unique, interesting information using graphics that match the content.

We’ve also taken a look at five basic types of content you can use to generate leads, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!