Dazzling videos. Painstakingly positioned quotes overlaid on landscapes. Compelling calls-to action.

It’s easy for brands to become entrenched in the daily activities of managing a Twitter account – after all, these actions are necessary for growth. Without great videos, images and text, a Twitter account is simply gathering dust.

However, if they don’t step back from time-to-time and ask “why,” brands can lose sight of the bigger picture. Why are we tweeting? Why are we trying to get new followers? Why are we even using Twitter at all?

To answer these necessary questions, brands must understand that Twitter followers are not simply numbers to be counted. They have intrinsic value, in more ways than one.

The Value of a Twitter Follower: They take action


It stands to reason that consumers are more aware of the brands they follow on Twitter than brands they do not. They see tweets and multimedia from these brands in their timelines, which causes them to remain top-of-mind in the future – especially when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

According to a survey conducted by Twitter Ads, 72 percent of Twitter users say they are likely to purchase from a small or medium-sized business that they follow. These consumers have taken the action to follow a business on Twitter, so their decision-making process has already begun. They are only a few steps away from making a purchase and moving on to another significant action: making a recommendation.

The Value of a Twitter Follower: They share word-of-mouth

Twitter followers are also valuable to brands because they are likely to share word-of-mouth recommendations if they feel positively towards a business.

According to Twitter Ads, there is a 30 percent lift in recommendations after a consumer engages with a small or medium-sized business on Twitter. This shows that a single engagement can increase word-of-mouth substantially.

And, while magazine ads and TV spots have their place in many advertising campaigns, word-of-mouth is the clear winner: it is trusted more than all other forms of advertising by 84 percent of consumers.

By engaging frequently and crafting content that resonates, brands are able to inspire consistent word-of-mouth recommendations from their followers. This can lead to increased reach and exposure, and ultimately new customers that brands could not have discovered on their own.

The Value of a Twitter Follower: They are mobile

According to statistics released by Twitter, a full 80% of Twitter users access their feeds via mobile. These users are not only connecting to the brands they follow while sitting at a desk – they are connecting while traveling to work, grabbing a bite to eat with a friend, or shopping on the weekend.

As a mobile-centric network, Twitter can connect brands to their fans wherever they are. Their content can be accessed when it is convenient for their audience, which means they will be more receptive and likely to engage.

Finding value

Twitter users must offer some value to a brand, or all of the effort spent in creating and maintaining a Twitter account will go to waste. Identifying value should be at the core of a brand’s strategic exploration of Twitter, as it can help guide brand positioning, content creation, engagement and reputation strategies and all other social activities.

And in case you missed it, we’ve also provided some insights on improving your Twitter customer engagement in our Twitter Response Guide to Business infographic so you can continue to create value for your Twitter followers.