So, you have an amazing team with a phenomenal product, you are fully prepared to get your business venture underway and take the world by storm! You walk into the office, take a seat in front of your computer and open up your email or check your phone to start the days selling. But wait, your well of leads seems to have run dry! What do you do?

Lead Generation is one of the biggest aspects of starting and growing your business. Without a consistent stream of new and interested prospects business will stagnate and spell doom for you and your company. But fear not, here are 14 simple yet effective ways you can generate more leads.


1 – Email Marketing

Starting off extremely simply and probably quite obviously, Email Marketing. Extremely cost effective, quick and can be put to scale, it is a foolproof method of generating leads that any company can put to use.


2 – Offer a Free Trial

Offering a free trial of your product or service does many things for you; it shows a confidence in the product that many other companies out there lack. You don’t have to hide behind a pay wall or demand a credit card to start the trial, you just put it out there and people will respond. You are demonstrating your value without asking for anything in return which increases the likelihood of a purchase to the full product once the trial has ended.

Plus, it accomplishes a lot of the selling for you. Leads will check out your website, see the trial offer and make the decision for themselves, which frees up time for your sales team to hit the phones for other clients.


3 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Making sure that there is something relevant to your business when people search for certain keywords is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Internet searches are some of the most widely used tools on the Internet, and it is completely free. Why not take advantage of an organic method to farm leads while keeping your content output consistent?


4 – Run a Contest

Contests demand a great presence on social media channels but if you can establish that, they are a great way of interacting with your followers, increasing buzz around the product and generating/spreading interest to potential prospects. Everybody likes free things (read above) so why not use that to your advantage. Even if they don’t end up winning, they are spending time on your site and could very well end up purchasing regardless.


5 – Answer Questions on Quora/LinkedIn Groups

One of the best things you can do to generate interest in yourself is to convey how much you know about a certain topic. Everyone needs advice from time to time and if you can be the one to answer peoples pressing questions, more people will come to you more often. It works even better if the questions you are answering come from people that would benefit from your product or service. So it’s not too surprising that many business people have taken to social media sites like LinkedIn, Quora and other forums to answer questions.


6 – Create Help Videos to Solve an Issue

Help videos can solve a real problem for potential customers in a format that’s both entertaining and easily digestible.

Create a portal on your own site for easy access or choose from the plethora of video hosting sites on the market (YouTube is a little known start-up that’s free to post on. Keep an eye out). This ties directly into the previous point but deserves it’s own mention. People can look at a wall of text and be turned off instantly; flashy video graphics and a smooth voice can prevail against the worst of odds.


7 – Show What’s Working for You

Letting your prospects behind the curtain of your companies success can open up an entirely new avenue for lead generation. Potential leads can follow your example, apply it to their own product or service and come back for more once they see that what you have been doing is the genuine article.


8 – Create a List of Useful Tools

Writing article after article outlining your own tools and services is simple, but it takes a confident and strong company to endorse other helpful tools that your audience could be looking into. It conveys the idea that you care more about the success of your clients over promoting yourself at every turn. It also puts out the idea that you may also be worth looking into if one of those other companies follows a similar tact. Which in turn brings in more leads that may have been outside of your original search.


9 – Compile Examples for Prospects to Learn From

Similar to the video idea discussed earlier, compiling a list of examples or best practices for your potential clients/customers is a great value offer and a solid way of driving new leads to your platform. People searching the general topic, and not a specific tool, may stumble across your suggestions and realize the value that your company as a whole has to offer beyond any specific product or service. It also gives you the opportunity to provide an opt-in link where leads can instantly sign up and become a natural part of any ongoing marketing strategies.


10 – Invest in New Technology

Keeping up with the latest in technology is directly correlated with maintaining relevancy in your market. If you refuse to grow with the times your current clients will eventually upgrade to those that do. If you can manage to keep pace with these changes you may find that the leads will find their way to you. People are always interested in the latest trend, so take advantage!


11 – Add a Quiz/Survey to your Blog

Embedding a quiz or survey on your site can make your content more engaging and draw more attention from an online audience. In fact, it can easily entice the readers to share their feedback about your site, tool, blog or article. This will also help you establish a stronger relationship with your audience and get more leads in the long term. Using a tool like Intercom can allow you to instantly collect the feedback and respond to it in real time, allowing for an even better company/client relationship.


12 – Deploy Outbound/Inbound Marketing

Another seemingly no brainer but still worth mentioning as a reminder. According to certain analytic sites, outbound marketing is still more effective than inbound marketing. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should drop one in favour of the other. Look to implement both approaches in a balanced manner, as this will be helpful in generating leads and eventually growing your business long term.


13 – Interview influencers

Much like we have done in the past on our own Reply blog, try reaching out to influencers who your customers respect and interview them for your blog or social media followers.Keep it as simple as possible by asking short/sharp questions, and then ask them to share the interview with their own followers once everything is set up. Potential customers will see this as proof of your credibility and increase your chances of attracting new leads.


14 – Offer a Free Software Tool on Your Site

If possible, create a lightweight, easy to use tool you can offer free of charge for people in your field. If it works and catches on with the community you may find people trusting in your brand name when it comes to future releases. Generating more trust within the professional field will inevitably draw more leads in your direction and create a more positive word of mouth around your company.

Oleg Campbell


Guest post by Oleg Campbell, Chief Editing Officer @ Reply.io, Customer Communication Platform