Every day, digital marketing professionals take to their blogs to share insight, knowledge and experience. And from their posts we not only learn, but if we apply what they share we almost always see spectacular results.

In no particular order, here are 13 incredible digital marketing insights from the pros that will inspire, educate and take your skills to the next level:

How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More) by Roger C. Parker via Content Marketing Institute

One of the great frustrations of many digital marketers is coming up with spectacular content on a regular basis. This article from Content Marketing Institute will walk you through a process of taking one great idea and building a series of 9 blog posts around it – effectively getting yourself two months of amazing content out of a single idea.

14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter by Neil Patel via HubSpot

Did you know there are nine different ways that someone can click on your tweet? Despite this, it isn’t easy to get people to click your links, hashtags or profile – unless you’ve got these 14 secrets in your pocket. From exploring studies showing that humans prefer verbs over nouns to measuring the effect of time of day on clicks, this article offers up research-backed methods of increasing your Twitter clickthrough.

The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills by Ayaz Nanji via MarketingProfs

If you’re new to digital marketing (or considering a rebranding), this article is for you. It gives a great overview of the types of skills that are in-demand in the industry, and the job titles and salaries that go along with them.

Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing by Neil Patel via Kissmetrics

The second article by digital marketing heavyweight Neil Patel on this list is all about integrating two prominent aspects of digital marketing: SEO and content. Patel argues that SEO and content actually overlap much more often than most digital marketers realize, and shows how the two activities can compliment each other within a marketing strategy.

Keyword Research for the Modern Consumer Journey by Matt Gratt via Moz

Gone are the days of trying to rank #1 on Google for a handful of commercial keywords. Instead, marketers should be looking at SEO through the lens of the customer journey: the complex way that customers seek out products and make decisions about them online. From reviews, related topics to getting the most out of their product, consumers are using search for more nuanced research – and this article shows you how to build your keyword strategy accordingly.

12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Businesses by Suzanne Delzio via Social Media Examiner

How are other marketers and businesses using social media? This article from Social Media Examiner takes a look at survey data from small business owners, marketers and solopreneurs, and highlights the social media trends, tools and tactics that they use to grow their business.

How I Manage a Social Media Platform of Over 11 Million Followers Every Day by Peg Fitzpatrick via Buffer

If you have any burning questions about how to scale your social media efforts, this article has the answer. Peg Fitzpatrick manages Guy Kawasaki’s more than 10 million social followers, as well as her own 1 million. She shares her insights on building a social strategy, automation, engagement, amplification and more.

4 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Engagement by Rohan Ayyar via Convince&Convert

Don’t have enough time to engage your audience? Not sure what tools work, and what tools to avoid? From tools to tactics, this article covers some essential – and often overlooked – steps to increasing social media engagement.

10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy by Anna Guerrero via jeffbullas.com

Images and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly. By sharing images, you can increase your reach, engagement and even leads generated on social media. This article shares 10 types of images you can use to mix up your visual social media marketing strategy.

32 Inspiring B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies by Rob Petersen via grow

What better way to learn about digital marketing than from those who have had past successes? The 32 case studies that this post collects are from a variety of sources, and while they are all B2B focused, they provide insights into what works for brands of all sizes and industries.

How Google Defines “Quality Content” by Jack Simpson via Econsultancy

This is another article on our list that deals with the intersection between SEO and content – an increasingly important combination for marketers looking to reach the right audience. This article examines key findings from a recent study of search engine rankings, and offers up ideas for improving the quality of content on your own blog or website.

The ABCs of Landing Pages That Work [Infographic] by Steven Lowe via copyblogger

Landing pages are useful to digital marketers in a number of ways, from driving sales to collecting email addresses in exchange for quality content like whitepapers. This article offers a simple, visual look at building landing pages that work to convert.

4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics That Need to be a Part of Your Core Strategy by Sherman Standberry via social media explorer

Facebook is one of the most lucrative social networks for marketers, so it stands to reason that a lot will have been said about Facebook advertising. But this article goes beyond the basics and gives you real insight into advanced tactics – like using “dark posts,” conversion pixels and remarketing.

Do you have any favorite blog posts about digital marketing? Have you found invaluable advice from pros that we didn’t get a chance to mention? Share them with us in the comments below!