Sales development is hard work. There are so many strategies, leaders, tools, best practices, and channels to use. There is a plethora of content proclaiming that “cold calling is dead” or that “social selling is for reps who don’t do anything”.

As a SaaS company, we’re always learning. It’s our job to follow the best and learn from them so that we can improve, as well as help our clients improve. So without further ado, here are our 12 favorite sales development leaders to follow…


1 – Marc Bodner

Marc is no-nonsense. His LinkedIn posts are regularly made to address and debunk common issues or ill-conceived ideas about sales. This allows reps to learn from his experience and focus on the right things.


2 – Mark A Smith

Mark shares stories around real life that are related to sales. Mark’s audience are fanatics about what he talks about and it’s clear that his content inspires great ideas and success in sales teams all over the world.


3 – Jill Konrath

Jill is an author of multiple sales books that help practitioners become smarter, faster, and more successful in sales. She is one of the biggest names in sales since the industry has grown. More Sales, Less Time is one of our favorite sales books.


4 – Richard Harris

Richard uses humor in sales in a way many other leaders are unable. He has hosted two Surf and Sales events which takes sales reps away on a surfing and learning break. His content is great, and he does a ton of webinar and podcast work.


5 – John Barrows

John is one of the most well-known sales trainers in the world. His workshops and webinars are famous throughout North America with his content and sales ideology delivering massive results for everyone taking part in his sessions. A regular content creator and a must follow.


6 – Sam Nelson

Sam is one of the leaders who is deepest into the weeds of the SDR world. Sam runs an SDR team at Outreach.io and has even dyed his hair blue (in company colors) to motivate his team to crush their quota. He has so much to share, including his own sales framework.


7 – Heather R Morgan

Heather is a cold email expert and a former economist. In addition to being the CEO of SalesFolk and the creator of multiple awesome cold email courses, she also writes for Forbes and Inc magazine, AND even raps.

Follow Heather because quite literally, one bad cold email can kill your hopes of winning a deal. Her ideas and strategies will ensure you learn the ways to always be engaging and relevant in your outreach, so that does not happen.  

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8 – David Dulany

David is the host of the Sales Development Summit and its podcast’s. If anyone has listened to and given advice to and from the world’s best sales development leaders, it is David. His conferences are famous for celebrating the best talent and the best leaders’ success. He is truly one for the practitioners wanting to up their game.


9 – Brian Smith Jr

Brian is one of the great networkers and sales development names out there. He’s now part of the AA ISP team who are known for their great work educating sales people and their peers on the latest best practices and strategies.


10 – James Bawden

James is a recent podcast host and heavy LinkedIn content creator. James comes from a retail sales background and regularly shares his moving motivation around why he became the sales person he is today. If you want news and best practices “from the front lines,” James is your man.


11 – Alice Heiman

Alice has tons of content for you to read but if that’s not your thing, she’s also a great speaker. Her clients “increase sales 30% or more” when working with Alice, which is testament to how much sales development knowledge she has.


12 – Brian Vital

A VP Sales at several companies, Brian has a great network and great experience in sales. He runs the SDR Huddle blog which is a hotbed for the latest sales development strategies shared by successful sales development pros.


Do you think we missed anyone? Let us know who your favorite sales development leader is and share this list on your social profiles.