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The only intent data provider to give you a 360-degree view of the buyer’s journey so you reach decision-makers in buying mode.

contact level intent

Contact Level Data

Take the guess work out of prospecting. Find leads within your most relevant accounts are already in the buyer’s journey.

Lead Scoring

No more black box lead scoring. Find out exactly why leads score the way they do so you can prioritize your hottest accounts first. 

Multiple Data Sources

If you’re only looking at intent from one source, you’re missing 95% of the picture. By layering +5 data sources, you can be confident in your targeting.

LeadSift 360

 Complete intent data. Many sources. One place.

By layering data from the public web with research-based intent, you get more clarity on the buyer’s journey, without juggling multiple tools.

Plus, it is all scored so you can filter through the noise and reach your future customers, first. 

“Set it and forget it! Once you do the heavy lifting and put together a good search within the platform, you wake up each morning with new qualified leads to reach out to.”

Ryan Lawson

Strategic Partners

"67% of marketers find intent data hard to action", the other 33% work with LeadSift.

– TOPO, Intent Data Webinar, 2020

"LeadSift is our primary source of new leads and database growth, LeadSift is a must-have for our marketing tech stack. Not only does it provide leads that are showing intent for our products, but it does so at a great value."

Laura Lewis, Senior Manager, Marketing Programs at InsightSquared

"Those who focus are those who win. With LeadSift data we can target our outbound efforts on high probability targets. Combine that with data that supports relevant messaging and bingo.... focused effort with better results!"

Trish Bertuzzi, CEO The Bridge Group

"One of the biggest difficulties in outbound prospecting is targeting people and companies who have active initiatives related to our solution. LeadSift solves this problem. It gives confidence to our SDR team that their messaging will resonate, and confidence to our Account Execs that this company has a need Looker satisfies and represents a viable sales opportunity."

Kyle Coleman, Director of Sales Development at Looker

"We have found the cost per lead and cost per opportunity for LeadSift Intent Leads to be lower than PPC such as Google AdWords"

Mark Flaherty, CMO Inetsoft

 Actionable Intent Data

Stop wasting time actioning the wrong leads

Identify the exact people showing intent to buy

 Pick up on who’s talking to your competitors

 Have context before each of your reach outs

Intent Signals Across Multiple Channels

Engage Prospects Across Multiple Channels

 Prioritize and personalize your email nurture

 Run targeted ads across popular ad channels

 Laser-focused outbound prospecting

Integrated with your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool

Automate Your Workflow

 Daily leads pushed directly to your sales and marketing tools

 Get notified when leads from existing accounts show intent

 Track LeadSift’s contribution to your pipeline

About Us

Founded in 2012, LeadSift, a Foundry company enables B2B tech companies to scale revenue by reaching decision makers in buying mode. By layering intent signals mined from the public web, with research-based intent and proprietary tech, we deliver actionable and relevant leads. LeadSift was acquired by IDG in December 2021.

Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, we show you who is engaging with competitors, custom keywords, events, technographics and topics that are relevant to your company from the broadest intent data sources on the market. Leads are then scored based on trends so you are always reaching the warmest accounts first.

Meet the Team

Right-brained. Left-brained. Introverts. Extroverts. Dog Lovers. Cat Lovers. We’re diverse.


Tapajyoti (Tukan) Das

Co-Founder / CEO

Sreejata Chatterjee

Co-Founder / CPO

Craig Oldford VP Engineering LeadSift

Craig Oldford

VP Engineering

Victor Bagnell

Victor Bagnell

Customer Success Manager


Bailey Darling

Growth Manager

Olivia Kenney

Head of Marketing

Kundan Kumar

Director of Data Science and Engineering

Luke Webster

Senior Software Engineer

Jess Laird

Jess Laird

Customer Success Ops Manager

Dipanwita Haldar

Business Dev Manager

Kakali Chakraborty

Data Analytics Manager

Sharbori Guha Roy

Business Dev Rep

Kate Aldacosta

Zach Davie

Sales Development Representative

Kate Aldacosta

Kate Aldacosta

Marketing Specialist

Advait Joshi

Advait Joshi

Full-Stack Software Engineer 

Advait Joshi

Devon MacDougall

Account Executive