Using APIs for Breakthrough Innovation

When we built our consumer insights product, we had big ideas about how our customers would use it, from enriching the contact data in their CRM platforms to improving their own product. But some of the best uses of LeadSift have come about thanks to the creativity of our clients, and the innovative ways they are using social data.

Businesses that have harnessed our consumer insights API have ranged from Instagram listening platforms to influencer networks to lead generation software. Their breakthrough innovation shows that the data we collect – demographics, psychographics, buying intent and more – can be leveraged to gain a tangible competitive edge through product differentiation. Here are just a few examples of how our consumer insights API is being used today:

Example 1: Instagram listening platform

Brands of all sizes should be aware of, and responding to, every single consumer talking about their products or services – but it isn’t that easy. That’s why one of our clients developed an Instagram listening platform, which uses image recognition software to identify branded products in Instagram photos.

To make their findings even more appealing to brands, they have integrated our API into the profiles of each individual user sharing branded photos. We collect insights from Instagram and Twitter based on the usernames they identify, and they incorporate this into the dashboard they share with their clients. Using our API, they can display an overview of the top interests of the brand’s Instagram fans, which enables the brands to better target their messaging and connect more meaningfully with their audience.

Example 2: Influencer network 

Influencer marketing is a surging trend, as marketers turn to social media to discover potential partners and reach a wider audience. One of our clients built an influencer platform designed to identify influencers in any industry, and enable marketers to connect to them, identify top performing content, and develop relationships.

In order to increase the value they offered to their customers, this platform turned to our API for a second level of data: information about each influencer’s audience. Using our data, they can now show marketers the interests most common among an influencer’s audience, their demographic composition and more.

Now, marketers can determine which influencers will be most effective to partner with based on the profile, actions and interests of both the influencers themselves, and their audience. 

Example 3: Lead generation software

In an effort to marry content marketing to B2B lead generation, one of our clients is using our API to enrich CRM contact data in their proof-of-concept platform. They are enriching sales leads records with our data, in order to help determine what content would resonate with that lead.

The product they are building runs each contact through our API to generate a list of that contact’s interests. It then suggests topics and subject matter that the lead would most likely respond to – giving both sales and marketing a significant edge.

We’re sure the innovation won’t stop there. Our API is helping to power leading-edge companies do what they do – only better. For more about our API and to see how it can help with your own product differentiation, take a test-drive here.

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