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How does your brand stand out above the messages that are currently drowning consumers? By being highly relevant to the right consumer at the right time. LeadSift helps you create effective social advertising campaigns using comprehensive audience insights that drive real business results from your ad spend.

Twitter Ad Buying

The consumer buying journey is complex. As consumers pass through each stage, they use different methods to satisfy their needs. Identify, contextualize, create and place audience conversations within the buying journey, so you can craft highly targeted ads and serve them to in-market consumers.

Direct Response

With incredibly powerful insight into your Twitter audience’s profile and behaviour, target an audience segment that is primed for direct response messages. By combining LeadSift with Twitter Target Audience, you can target consumers with purchase intent and/or with certain demographic and psychographic attributes.

Brand Awareness

Discover the unique traits and interests of your audience. Armed with this information, craft compelling messages that target consumers who are in-market – but who might not yet be aware of the benefits of your brand.


Dig deep into your target market’s demographics, psychographics, interests and more, in order to deliver targeted messages across different channels. Using insights gleaned from Twitter behavior, you can develop robust campaigns across your media mix.

Case Study

Drive more conversions at a lower cost per acquisition


A popular e-commerce company was running a Direct Response campaign on Twitter and wanted to drive more conversions at a lower acquisition cost. The existing targeting methods (by interests and @handles) were too broad resulting in poor ad performance. The key challenge: the message was not being delivered to the right audience group at the right moment.


In partnership with a global social advertising company, LeadSift created several audience segments of consumers who had the highest probability of buying the product. The campaign and optimization technologies made the best use of the client’s media spend.



Conversion Rate


CPA Savings

Get smarter. Make LeadSift your social intelligence solution.

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