Find customers in the buying journey

LeadSift is a competitive intelligence platform for marketers that identifies target customers who are already interested in products like yours.

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Save time

Avoid tedious manual research and get quality leads daily, weekly or on-demand

Work smarter

Focus your marketing efforts on people who are interested in products like yours

Better Targeting

Target various personas and create highly relevant campaigns that convert

Timing is everything

We mine the public web to unearth red hot leads who have signalled intent to buy… ensuring you can swoop in at the perfect time.

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Collin Burke

Marketing Operations, Collin Burke

“LeadSift is our best channel for generating leads cost-effectively by far. Since day one I’ve been impressed with the steady volume of high quality leads.”

Insight Squared
Jon from Vidyard

Marketing Manager, Jon Spenceley

“LeadSift makes obtaining new leads exceptionally easy. My time has been freed up to scale our outbound efforts as we grow.”


Head of Marketing, Michelle Urban

“Since adding LeadSift , we are seeing a 100% increase in opportunities month-over-month.”

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Alex Social Horsepower

Demand Gen Specialist, Alex Wynne-Jones

“We are currently running more than ten lead generation tools, and LeadSift easily gives us the best conversion, highest quality, and most comprehensive data.”

Social Horsepower

We help you get back to what you love

You know that only 3% of qualified leads are currently in the buying journey, but finding those leads takes time.


LeadSift does the grunt work for you so you can get back to what you love—crafting brilliant marketing campaigns that delight your ideal customers.

No more spray and pray

Right person. Right time.

Getting started with LeadSift couldn’t be easier. You’ll work directly with our team to define your search parameters. Then we get to work.


We mine the public web and unearth target customers who are talking to your competitors or have signalled intent to buy. The result? You can craft more personalized, relevant marketing messages across the whole customer journey.


Whether you have one specific customer, target a few different personas, or are still experimenting to find the right fit, LeadSift is the solution you’ve been looking for.


Fine-tune your campaigns


Track your competitors, complementary brands, and industry keywords. Or search our database to find any customer profile. It’s easy to optimize as your business evolves.

Supercharge your day

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Get a digest of leads delivered straight to your inbox daily or weekly. Unlike static lists, these leads are engaged right now—no more guessing who to contact.

Fuel your workflow


LeadSift integrates with many marketing automation tools and CRMs. You can easily add contacts to your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Personalize your message


Get dynamic insights about each contact (without doing hours of manual research) so you have the context needed to personalize your messaging.


Unlock predictable growth

You’ll love intercepting leads who are ready to buy. You can even get notified when your own customers start talking to competitors so you can reconnect before it’s too late.


See how LeadSift customers use competitive intelligence to outsmart the competition.


    CloudHealth Technologies’ generates 15% of their demand pipeline using LeadSift.


    Social Horse Power converts 20% of cold leads to prospects using LeadSift.


    Vidyard uses LeadSift and automation to find 70% of their leads.

Jeff from Cloudhealth

Director of Demand Generation & Regional Marketing, Jeff Wharton

“We measure the success of our pipeline by the number of meetings held, and in our first 90 days of using LeadSift this number has increased. Within just one hour of turning it on, we had a meeting scheduled.”

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Kyle from Looker

Director of Sales Development, Kyle Coleman

“One of the biggest difficulties in outbound prospecting is targeting people and companies who have active initiatives related to our solution. LeadSift solves this problem. It gives confidence to our SDR team that their messaging will resonate, and confidence to our Account Execs that this company has a need Looker satisfies and represents a viable sales opportunity.”

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We’ve delivered over 2M qualified leads
to extremely happy customers

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