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Our social intelligence platform provides a deeper understanding of the habits, trends, preferences and lifestyle of a brand’s audience and that of their competitors to give marketers a distinct advantage - the ability to effectively differentiate their product in the market and target their ideal customer.

Actionable Insights

This is the most comprehensive consumer research tool you can employ. Forget focus groups, the rich insights of over 100 attributes of your own audiences, buying audiences, your competitors and the industry, will reveal everything you need to guide your messaging, creative, content and strategy. Analysis of over 500 million conversations can answer a lot of questions.

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Audience Segmentation

Zero in on the unique attributes of your brand's audience or discover audience affinities by identifying interests that drive social action. Collectively, you’ll have an ongoing understanding of the changing composition of your audiences and what moves them.

Competitor Benchmarking

What do the people look like from a demographic, interest or behavioral point of view that are talking about your competitors' or industry keywords? You have been measuring the keyword mentions of these communities for years on monitoring platforms; it's time to leverage insights about your communities and integrate them into your marketing.

LeadSift has indexed over 160 million social consumer profiles and created over 100 unique attributes to provide marketers with a true 360-view of individual audience members and a complete understanding of market segments as a whole.
This is Jenny
She is a married parent with a pet who earns $80k as a Marketing Executive in Chicago
Jenny is interested in politics and fashion
She shops at Lululemon and Banana Republic, visits Vogue Magazine online - perhaps on her iPhone early in the morning when she is most active.
Her favorite tv shows include The Daily Show - wonder if she saw an Acura ad to influence her driving decision?
Jenny could be your ideal customer.

Case Study

Power digital marketing campaigns with consumer insights from social


A large Food & Beverage client of a global digital agency needed help with their 2015 Digital Marketing Campaign. The challenge: without an exhaustive customer survey it was extremely difficult to identify and understand the existing customers. Information provided by Traditional Market intelligence tools was too broad and did not provide any actionable insights into their customer base.


Applying proprietary customer profile algorithms, LeadSift was able to identify the unique traits of over 50,000 consumers, group them into tribes, allowing the advertiser to dig deep into their target market’s demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes to identify a core audience to target.


Using LeadSift’s consumer insights the agency was able to present a detailed marketing strategy for their client in record time. Getting a 360-view of their customers allowed the agency to make concrete suggestions on both the content and media buying strategy.

Get smarter. Make LeadSift your social intelligence solution.

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