Identify, Understand and Reach In-Market Customers with One Platform

Actionable Insights Help Attract New Customers and Strengthen Relationships with Existing Ones

Create Campaigns Based on Your Business Objectives

Uncover a deeper understanding of your audience for insight analysis, media planning and buying or 1:1 engagement

Access to all of your active campaigns are unified in a single view

Create a campaign based on identifying users expressing purchase intent within the buying journey, based on keyword(s) or hashtag(s), based on any @handle followers - your own audience and for competitive benchmarking

Check the Pulse of Your Campaign

Have an ongoing understanding of campaign success and the changing composition of your audiences

A snapshot containing the buying stage summary and top attributes of your campaign’s audience

Drill down into any attribute to further segment your audience and reveal actionable insights to integrate into your marketing initiatives

Define, Build and Target Your Ideal Customer

Zero in on the unique attributes of your brand's audience or discover audience affinities by identifying interests that drive social action

Further refine your audience based on any demographic or psychographic attribute. Target audience segments with advertisements using Twitter Tailored Ads or find out the TV shows 18-24 year olds favor. Drill into any combination of segments with the exploratory interface

Download an audience report to share within your organization or with clients and export lists for media planning and buying

Download a Sample Report

Tap into Buying Signals

Leverage buying signals in social to convert customers on their own terms, time and turf

Reach customers expressing intent across the buying journey from awareness to post purchase - including benchmarking the competition along the way

Individuals are scored with positive or negative sentiment and captured within each buying stage so you can align your marketing efforts with their path-to-purchase

Reach and Influence Customers in the Digital Landscape

Banish generic brand messages and engage contextually with each individual to guide their purchase decisions

Reach customers in their buying stage and move them through the funnel towards conversion

Engage customers with content that resonates and track conversations with automated workflow - achieve personalization at scale

Get Smarter. Make LeadSift your Social Intelligence Solution.

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