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Deliver personalized experiences throughout each consumer’s journey

Marketers are facing a new challenge - determine how to leverage buying signals in social to convert consumers on their own terms, time and turf - with real-time, personalized conversations. This is where LeadSift comes in.

Buying Journey

Reaching and influencing consumers in the digital landscape is a difficult task for today’s marketers. How do you know who they are and when they are primed to make a purchase? LeadSift sifts through millions of conversations from publicly available data to infer and predict consumer’s intent and interests with high accuracy. Once purchase intent is identified, each consumer is tracked through the buying cycle so you can align your marketing efforts with their path-to-purchase.

Personalized Messaging

There are 100,000 members in an audience most receptive to hear from you. That's a lot of individuals passionate about your brand. And they likely will not respond to a generic brand message. LeadSift enables you to personalize messages and track conversations with automated workflow at scale.

Case Study

Successful product launch with social media


One of the largest smartphone makers was having difficulty identifying and targeting relevant consumers through all of the phone-related social media noise to amplify the awareness and education about their latest phone launch to a young tech savvy audience. And it was costing them valuable time sifting through the thousands of updates to find a few that were relevant.


LeadSift searched through millions of daily tweets to identify an audience who were in the buying journey for a new phone or who expressed displeasure with their current one. With advanced filtering, the smartphone maker was able to geo-target the results and focus on a specific target audience with purchase intent.


There was an immediate increase in brand awareness as more users were engaging with their tweets, sharing their posts and favoriting their updates.


Relevant customers identified during campaign


Engagement rate


Click Through Rate


Shared with entire network

Get smarter. Make LeadSift your social intelligence solution.

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