About Us - LeadSift - Steal Leads from Your Competitors
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We are LeadSift

Preferred by the most innovative brands, businesses and agencies, LeadSift is the leading provider of social intelligence that combines comprehensive data with actionable insights so smarter marketing decisions are made everyday.


Our technology sifts through massive amounts of social data so brands can easily identify, understand and engage in-market audiences with creatively relevant, personalized content.


We’ve scanned and analyzed millions of conversations online to develop an algorithm that indicates relevance and purchase intent within social posts.


As a result, brands can be closer to customers than ever before!

Meet our team

Right-brained. Left-brained. Introverts. Extroverts. Dog Lovers. Cat Lovers. We’re diverse.

Sreejata Chatterjee

Co-Founder / CPO

Tapajyoti (Tukan) Das

Co-Founder / CEO

Alex Field

Growth Manager

George Kashap

Customer Success Manager

Hatem Nassrat

Co-Founder / CTO

Craig Oldford

Engineering Manager

Kundan Kumar

Engineering Intern

Madhu Debnath

Communications Manager

Dipanwita Haldar

Business Dev Manager

Kakali Chakraborty

Data Analytics Manager