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The Intent Data + Actionable Insights approach to social intelligence

LeadSift is a social intelligence platform that helps your marketing team consistently deliver wins with the right messaging, content, creative, media and social experience for the right consumers at the right time.

How it Works

How much can you tell about someone from their Tweets?

For Data-Driven Marketers

Marketing Strategists

Action massive volumes of conversations about your brand, competitors and industry.
Analyze actionable insights from collected communities of interest to understand inherent similarities and differences to better position your offerings in the market and within the buying journey.

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Media Marketers

Support your next media campaign with real-time data.
Use demographics, interests or behavioral attributes of any audience, past media campaign, #hashtag or profile an audience based on a core demographic to optimize your media mix, target relevant users, create engaging social experiences, and drive action.

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Creative and Content Managers

Guide your messaging, creative and content.
Understand the communities that are following you and sharing your content to find relevant audience interests, then create compelling stories to increase engagement and differentiate your brand.

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Agency Directors

Bring real-time consumer insights to your portfolio.
Drive creative, media and campaign initiatives from comprehensive audience profiles to wow clients and acquire new business.

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Featured Resource

What Value Do Your Twitter Followers Hold?

We love our Twitter followers. We love them because they engage with our content, give us feedback, and share their stories. But even more than that, we love them because of the value they add to our brand – value that you can tap into, too.

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LeadSift is built to provide marketers with timely, accurate and comprehensive data


Social Consumer Profiles Indexed

100 +

Profile Attributes

50 + Million

Consumers Reached


Want to enrich your platform with powerful audience insights?

LeadSift’s Consumer Insights API is a seamless way to enhance profiles, contacts or build a more robust product.

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