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Your competitors are regularly publishing content to attract new prospects. LeadSift finds the prospects that engaged with your competitors, qualifies, and delivers them to you. All contacts LeadSift delivers are complete with verified and accurate company and contact info.

"Generally with lead generation you have to choose between time management, quality, and cost. LeadSift is the only provider we’ve worked with who is able to get us super high quality leads for less cost and 0 time spent rummaging through data. I would recommend LeadSift to anyone who’s serious about filling their pipeline with high quality/high conversion leads."



- Alex (Xan) Wynne-Jones | Advocacy Analyst

 Toronto, ON | Social HorsePower

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We handle all the research and lead qualification per your exact requirements, so you'll always be delivered only the best qualified prospects.

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Targeting options tailored to your team's goals - filter by industry, role, company size, revenue, and more.

Always Qualified

Email address, phone number, company, and more - all verified before a contact is delivered to you. Make bounces a thing of the past.

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