How AIM (Audience Intent Miner) Works

Capture Data

Social Media is a Gold mine for Marketers.

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Identify Buyers

Identify near/in-market consumers for your product/service.

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Understand Audience

Understand your consumers for accurate targeting and messaging.

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Relevant Ad Targeting

Target users with relevant content.

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Imagine you've been tasked with targeting car buyers in the USA.

  • Your car just won the top safety rating and you want to target customers this would appeal to.

  • LeadSift scans the social web to identify in-market car buyers.

  • From the car-buyers LeadSift identifies moms living in the US as a potential audience.

  • You target Moms using Twitter Tailored Audience with a Safety driven message.

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Who's Using LeadSift

  • Mindshare
  • Ad Parlor
  • Cossette
  • Sales Force
  • Oracle
  • Publicis

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